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New domain, where have I been for 6 years?

Greetings! Drag here. Same Drag as the one here, in fact. I'm not sure what I'm going to put on this domain, but I need to stick something here for the moment, and what better than a really old site template I wrote 6 years ago?

Old site is staying "for now", but hopefully there won't be any surprise if I might suddenly find myself migrating fully to here.

What's been going on for 6 years? I've been yelling on Twitter a lot when I really should've just set up an actual blog (might do that here, in fact). I started and finished a career in retail for just shy of 5 years, moved onto a career of working in nonspecific web portal stuff. The world changed in a pretty short time, either that or my programming horizons broadened all of a sudden.

My hosting at wootest.net had been my home for over a decade. Looking back on it, I never really knew what waffle was about, other than some programming and tech stuff I didn't quite understand. Since then, I've gotten familiar with C/C++, full HTML5 web stacks with things like AngularJS and ASP.NET, picking up Python, possibly Ruby, if there ever were a time for me to develop apps, I suppose now would be that time, though I'd still prefer to be in the video game industry as a software engineer and a designer. The old waffle blog is gone now, but looking at what its next iteration is, I have more of an appreciation now than I did before, because of how much more I know now compared to before.

While I'm here, I'm updating the site layout a bit. With advances in display technology, saturated red colors are now very vibrant, and it was probably difficult for anyone to actually read the content on my site.

Some extremely old portions of the old site were even using a very antiquated layout I must've written back in 2004. It goes to show that DPI scaling didn't exist as it does now, what with 8pt fonts being considered acceptable. That was likely back when I used a CRT set to 800x600. For comparison, I'm now typing this up on a 15 inch 4K screen scaled to 250% DPI. Man, what a time capsule!